Strom VT AIR Advanced Industrial Router

VT AIR 300. Next Gen Industrial Router.


Exactly for your needs - SHDSL/VDSL/LTE/SFP


Upates for individual Software Components.


VPN, WebGUI, Central Management ...

VT AIR Open Source Enterprise Firewall Intrusion Protection

The Advanced Industrial Router VT AIR 300 from Voleatech is the next generation of industrial routers. This is shown, among other things, by its comprehensive safety technology, which is not only ISMS-compliant, but is also equipped with central safety features. This includes intrusion protection with effective real-time network protection against network threats, weak points and hazards. And that is just one of the many safety details that distinguish the VT AIR 300.

VT AIR 300 SHDSL VDSL LTE Industrial Router Hutschiene Power

The smart and modern VT AIR 300 is a compact, robust and functional next-generation industrial router that, thanks to its modular structure, always grows with the requirements of your company and also offers a multitude of features.

The specialty: The VT AIR 300 is extremely flexible. The VT AIR 300 optionally offers up to 2x DSL (SHDSL or VDSL) and LTE / 3G. The highlight: The VT AIR 300 can be retrofitted at any time and there are no license costs – your company benefits from a quick ROI.

Its extreme speed, its extraordinary expandability and its maximum security make it so unique. The VT AIR 300 is therefore ideally suited for industrial requirements.


VT AIR 300. Advanced Industrial Router

The Advanced Industrial Router VT AIR 300 is a German technology product that was specially developed for a demanding industrial environment and its requirements.

The VT AIR 300 is tailor-made for critical infrastructures and complex industrial environments that have to be renewed or even completely reorganized as a result of digital change. In network technology, the intelligent router marks the logical step into the digital age of Industry 4.0 – and thus the beginning of modern network technology.

Modern, highly developed societies depend on a smoothly functioning infrastructure. It forms their backbone. With intelligent IT, critical infrastructures can be protected more effectively.

vtair300-nodsl-nolte-600x600.jpegno DSL + no LTE
vtair300-2dsl-lte-600x600.jpeg2x DSL + LTE