VT AIR Models
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VT AIR 100 Linux Firewall Front

VT AIR 100. Office Firewall

The VT AIR 100 has been specially developed for the demanding office sector. The innovative office firewall convinces with its connection possibilities: SFP and RJ45.

Combined with state-of-the-art VT AIR software, the VT AIR 100 offers a variety of features and maximum speed – all at an attractive office price.


VT AIR. Flexible. Ultramodern.

VT AIR 1500. Enterprise Firewall

The VT AIR 1500 is specially designed for racks and data centers. The enterprise firewall convinces with your connection possibilities: SFP + (10 Gb) and RJ45 (10 Gb / 1 Gb).

Combined with advanced VT AIR software, the VT AIR 1500 provides maximum functionality for demanding network environments. The performance ranges from 10 Gb to BGP.


Clever Technologie. Flexible Interfaces.

VT AIR 300 SHDSL VDSL LTE Industrial Router Hutschiene

VT AIR 300. Advanced Industrial Router

The innovative and modern VT AIR 300 is a next-generation, compact, robust and functional industrial router that, thanks to its clever all-in-one technology, keeps growing with the needs of your business.

Its extreme speed, extraordinary expandability and maximum safety make it so unique. The VT AIR 300 is ideal for critical infrastructures.


VT AIR Software. The Firewall System. Of the future.

VT AIR Software. Firewall

VT AIR Software is the Linux-based system from Voleatech. The modern, user-friendly, easy-to-understand and dynamic web interface in multiple languages allows you to make all settings easily and conveniently. Whether via API or Command Line, automation is no problem with the VT AIR Software.

Also try our central web management portal. A variety of features allow you to configure your network securely and perfectly.


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