VT AIR FAQ2021-02-15T15:53:49+01:00


You have questions regarding the VT AIR-Technology?

What’s VT AIR?2021-12-14T11:43:29+01:00

VT AIR is the professional next gen firewall for business and enterprise. VT AIR perfectly combines the advantages of both worlds: the professionalism and quality of the enterprise world and the transparency, security and cost efficiency of the Linux world – without license costs and fast ROI. The modern and smart VT AIR technology offers high quality for business and enterprise.

Who developed VT AIR?2020-08-25T11:24:13+02:00

VT AIR was developed by Voleatech GmbH in Germany.
Maintenance and further development of the technology are carried out directly at Voleatech in Germany, the Linux and open source code parts are maintained by the community.

In which industries is VT AIR used?2020-08-25T11:25:45+02:00

VT AIR is already used by large municipal utilities and network operators as well as by SMEs and telecommunications companies.

What is the difference between pfSense and VT AIR?2021-12-14T11:43:03+01:00

pfSense is an open source firewall based on freeBSD and goes back to Monowall, which was developed in the nineties of the last century. VT AIR, on the other hand, is a modern enterprise firewall based on Linux with a smart user interface, numerous new features and high firewall speed.

Which functionalities are included in VT AIR?2020-08-25T11:28:12+02:00

VT AIR contains a multitude of functions for security, features and VPN, based on established, tested and known open source components.

These include:
– Stateful firewall (NFTables)
– FlowTable Offload (NFTables)
– Intrusion Detection and Protection (Surricata)
– DHCP (Kea)
– DNS (unbound)
– Web Control / Web Protection (Squid)
– Policy routing, multiple routing tables (routes, rules)
– Dynamic routing / BGP / OSFP (FRR)
– QoS (TC)
– IPsec (Strongswan), OpenVPN, WireGuard

What are the advantages of VT AIR?2020-08-25T11:28:51+02:00

VT AIR offers three main advantages:
a. A fast and high-performance firewall speed
b. Lots of modern features
c. A modern and smart web interface and a central management tool

What are the license and running costs?2020-08-25T11:29:52+02:00

With VT AIR there are no license costs, all features can be used.
Running costs can only result from update fees so that the technology is always up to date. Outdated software is a thing of the past.

What technology does VT AIR use for firewall performance?2020-08-25T11:30:58+02:00

VT AIR relies on NFTables and Flowtable Offload for TCP / UDP. This allows for a high firewall performance. In addition, all of our appliances are already prepared for XDP / eBPF, which will take firewall performance to a completely new level.

How are VT AIR throughput rates measured?2020-08-25T11:31:52+02:00

Voleatech uses two different test tools:
a. IPerf3 for a simple test with TCP
b. TRex Traffic Generator for IMIX tests. Here we use an STL profile that sends several packets per port and simulates several thousand clients.
IMIX traffic consists of UDP traffic 7x 64 byte packets, 4x 594 byte packets, 1x 1514 byte packets (without Ethernet FCS)

Can I try VT AIR for free?2020-08-25T11:32:27+02:00

Yes, you can test VT AIR for free. Please contact sales@voleatech.de.

Can other software be installed on VT AIR hardware?2021-02-15T15:53:57+01:00

No, our appliances are specially developed and optimized for VT AIR.