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VT AIR 100 Business Firewall

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Next Generation Business Firewall

Best for VPN Router - No Licence Costs

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VT AIR 100 Business Firewall

The VT AIR 100 is a German technology product specially developed for a demanding office environment and its requirements. The Business firewall VT AIR 100 is versatile due to its modern technology (RJ45, SFP). It’s a compact, flexible and functional firewall that, thanks to its technology, will always grow with the needs of your business.

Thanks to the VT AIR Linux operating system, you enjoy a modern, fast and versatile user interface. Designed with a focus on performance, versatility and no licensing costs, the VT AIR system is perfect for companies of all sizes.

This Business Firewall can be used as LAN or WAN router, VPN router, DHCP server, DNS server and Intrusion Protection and Detection Server.

The VT AIR 100 firewall provides you a security platform, including very high performance and speed with an excellent price-performance ratio.
2x RJ45 (1000/100/10 Mbit/s)
1x SFP (1000 Mbit/s)
12V Power

Key Facts


  • Business – Enterprise Open Source Firewall

  • No Licence Fees

  • VT AIR Software – Feature Rich Firewall

Best For

  • Small Businesses

  • Small Sized Business Networks

  • Small to Medium Sized Branch Office

  • Managed Service Provider / Managed Security Service Provider (MSP/MSSP) On Premise Appliance

  • Teleworkers needing an “Always-Up” network or VPN connections

Business – Enterprise Open Source Firewall

No Licence Fees
High Quality
Top Service and Support
The smart VT AIR 100 is the Enterprise Open Source Firewall for business and the ideal VPN router. The VT AIR 100 combines professionalism and quality with transparency and security. Despite its exceptional properties, it stands for a quick ROI. The special feature: There are no license costs. With the VT AIR 100, companies rely on technology that is as smart as well as cost-effective.

VT AIR – Feature Rich Firewall

VT AIR is the Linux-based system from Voleatech. The modern, user-friendly, easy-to-understand and dynamic web interface in multiple languages allows you to make all settings easily and conveniently. Whether via API or Command Line, automation is no problem with VT AIR.

Also try our central web management portal. A variety of features allow you to configure your network securely and perfectly.

Advanced Thread Protection2020-08-25T11:34:40+02:00

VT AIR offers a variety of advanced thread protection mechanisms.

Blocking unwanted and unsafe websites via DNS sinkholing technology and advanced web filters with virus scanners and content filtering.

Various intrusion detection and protection rules are also available.

Intrusion Detection and Protection2020-08-25T11:36:28+02:00

The Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS / IPS) of the VT AIR Firewall significantly improves network security by providing complete and comprehensive real-time network protection against a wide range of network threats, vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in operating systems and applications.

VT AIR scans network traffic using powerful and comprehensive rules and signature language to detect complex threats with the Surricata program.

Suricata is an open source based intrusion detection system and intrusion prevention system

Automatic signature updates are provided regularly to ensure that the VT AIR Firewall is always up to date.

Web Control/Web Protection2020-08-25T11:37:26+02:00

Advanced Web Protection combines advanced analysis functions, blacklists and ACLs to optimally protect your web traffic.

With the built-in virus scanner, you can optimally protect your web traffic.

VT AIR uses the Squid program, which is characterized by its diverse functions and security.

The web filter can be set up as a proxy, but also as a transparent HTTP / HTTPS proxy.

Stateful Deep Package Inspection2020-08-25T11:37:59+02:00

VT AIR is a stateful firewall. A stateful firewall is a network firewall that tracks the operational status and characteristics of network connections that pass through them. The firewall is configured to distinguish between legitimate network packets for different connection types.

Packets are analyzed with NFTables (Deep Package Inspection) and allowed or blocked on the basis of firewall rules in order to ensure optimal protection of the network traffic.

Multi Factor Authentication2020-08-25T11:38:47+02:00

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become the standard to prevent unauthorized access to business-critical information.

VT AIR supports multi-factor authentication with the TOTP standard for the web interface and OpenVPN to protect your infrastructure in the best possible way.

Network Flow Fastpath2020-08-25T11:39:23+02:00

VT AIR supports the acceleration of TCP and UDP connections using Network Flow Fastpath.

For this purpose, the NFTables flow table offload technology is used, which accelerates network traffic by a factor of 2-3, all with the usual network security.

With Flowtables you can accelerate packet forwarding in software with the help of a state that no longer runs through the entire network stack after a connection has been established.


With XDP, network functions (eBPF) can be executed as soon as a packet reaches the network card and before it is moved up into the kernel’s network subsystem, which leads to a significant increase in packet processing speed. This technology allows us to achieve significantly faster firewall speeds.

In general, all of our VT AIR appliances are already prepared for XDP / eBPF.

This technology will be available in VT AIR in 2021.


VT AIR comes with a built-in IPv4 and IPv6 Kea DHCP server.

Whether static or dynamic DHCP addresses and multiple networks, you can supply your clients with addresses without any problems.

The Kea DHCP server is also capable of high availability and can form an automatic failover with several VT AIRs.


VT AIR comes with the well-known Unbound DNS Server, which allows it to run as a stand-alone or as a forwarding DNS server. Unbound allows you to define any host overrides and domain forwarding. For security reasons, VT AIR uses different DNS block lists with categories. Encrypted DNS and DNSSEC are also not a problem.


Network Time Protocol is the most common method of synchronizing a system’s software clock with Internet time servers. It is designed to mitigate the effects of variable network latency and can typically limit the time over the public Internet to ten milliseconds. The accuracy in local networks is even better with up to a millisecond. VT AIR comes with an NTP server for the network clients.


Docker is a range of platform-as-a-service products that use virtualization at the operating system level to deliver software in packages. These are known as containers. Containers are isolated from each other and bundle their own software, libraries and configuration files. They can communicate with each other via precisely defined channels. VT AIR has support and management via the WebGUI for Docker.

Authenticator 802.1X2020-08-25T11:45:35+02:00

The IEEE 802.1X standard provides a general method for authentication and authorization in IEEE 802 networks. At the network access, a physical port in the LAN, a logical IEEE 802.1Q VLAN or a WLAN, a participant is authenticated by the authenticator, who uses an authentication server (RADIUS server) to check the authentication information transmitted by the participant (supplicant) and, if necessary, the Permits or denies access to the services offered by the authenticator (LAN, VLAN or WLAN).

VT AIR has both an 802.1X authenticator and an 802.1X supplicant.


A captive portal is a facility that is usually used in public, wireless networks in order to link the access of end devices such as laptops or smartphones to the underlying network or the Internet to the user’s consent to certain usage rules. In addition, the network provider can link access to a specific user account. VT AIR allows you to set up a captive portal for each interface with its own HTML page for authentication.


HAProxy is free, open source software that provides a highly available load balancer and proxy server for TCP and HTTP-based applications that distribute requests across multiple servers. VT AIR has full support for setting up and operating a HAProxy via the web interface.


ntopng is a software for monitoring data traffic on a computer network. It was developed as a powerful and resource-effective replacement for ntop. With ntopng on VT AIR you can analyze and monitor your network traffic per interface, host or network segment.


The Simple Network Management Protocol is a standard Internet protocol used to collect and organize information about managed devices on IP networks and modify that information to change device behavior. VT AIR supports SNMPv1 / v2 and the encrypted SNMPv3 for high security. Read all the attributes of the firewall with SNMP, with the special VT AIR SNMP mibs you have full control over your monitoring.


VT AIR offers a multitude of options for using and configuring interfaces. Real Interface, VLAN, QinQ, Bond, Bridge, PPP, PPTP, GRE, IPIP, SIT SHDSL, VDSL and MacVLAN are supported. In addition, various settings can be made IPv4 / IPv6, Static IP, DHCP Client, SLAAC, Mac, MTU, MSS, Link Mode, 802.1x (Suplicant) … and much more.


VT AIR offers static and dynamic routes. Gateways can be monitored using ping and intelligently interconnected in routing tables, either in failover or load balancing mode. A policy routing can also be set using firewall rules or a routing table can be assigned to clients. FRR is used for dynamic routing, which allows for BGP and OSPF (v4 or v6).


FRR is used for dynamic routing, which allows BGP and OSPF (v4 or v6).


QoS is implemented with the Linux tool Traffic Control (TC) and allows incoming (ingress) or outgoing (egress) traffic to be classified according to categories and rules. QoS can easily be assigned to clients via firewall rules.

High Availability2020-08-25T12:02:31+02:00

VT AIR comes fully equipped with high availability functionality. Use virtual IPs (VRRP) between multiple VT AIRs to enable failover without interruptions. The VT AIR configuration is automatically transferred from the master to the slaves and DHCP can also be used in HA operation to compensate for a failure. High availability is a must for critical installations and VT AIR enables smooth operation.

Firewall Performance2020-08-25T12:02:48+02:00

VT AIR offers high firewall performance with NFTables, Flowtable Offload Technology and, in the future, XDP / eBPF.


Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is a protocol suite that enables secure communication over potentially insecure IP networks such as the Internet. VT AIR offers full support for IPSec with Strongswan. Whether tunnel or transport mode, with or without an interface, with VT AIR you can connect your locations conveniently and securely.


OpenVPN is free software for setting up a virtual private network (VPN) via an encrypted TLS connection. VT AIR supports OpenVPN as a client or as a server and enables you to set up a VPN for your employees quickly and easily.


WireGuard is free software for setting up a virtual private network (VPN) via an encrypted connection. WireGuard enables a very fast and modern VPN. VT AIR supports WireGuard natively, whether for clients, site to site or mesh.


The modern, easily understandable and dynamic web interface, which is created in numerous languages, allows you to make all settings conveniently and easily – in the interests of the user.

REST API2020-08-25T12:08:13+02:00

VT AIR comes with a modern REST API interface, via which all settings can be made conveniently and easily. Regardless of whether you have 1 or 1000 devices, with the REST API, the settings on all devices can be changed in seconds.

Zentrales Managementportal2020-08-25T12:08:51+02:00

VT AIR offers a central management portal where you can see all devices in one place and thus easily access them. With our secure and innovative connector, you can directly access the web interface or the command line in the portal or run updates directly.

Technical Data


ARM v7 Cortex-A9 @ 1.6 GHz with NEON SIMD and FPU

CPU Cores

2 Cores


2x 1Gbps RJ45
1x 1Gbps SFP


8GB eMMC Flash on board



Console-Port Mini USB
USB Ports

1x 3.0 ports

Form Factor





Wide range 9V-32V

12V 2A 2,5mm
Barrel Connector


0°C – 35°C


L: 125 mm W: 80 mm H: 30 mm


FCC, CE, RoHS, UL, IEC-60950


VT AIR Linux



VT AIR OS is our specially developed, Linux based, operating system. The intuitively usable OS is at the core of the VT AIR Software. Based upon the “Debian Linux Distribution” it gives us flexibility, access to a fast amount of precompiled software packages and stable software.

VT AIR packages are installed on top of the debian packages and allow you to manage and use all the features of a great network firewall and router.

Read more in the VT AIR Documentation.




Modern and dynamic Webgui

All settings can easily be done in the Webgui

Dynamic Dashboard with widgets

Languages: German, English, Spanish


Webgui (Copyright Voleatech GmbH)
Contains Open Source Software


Real Interface, VLAN, QinQ, Bond, Bridge, PPP, PPTP, GRE, GRETAP, IPIP, SIT SHDSL, VDSL, MacVLAN

Interface Settings

IPv4/IPv6, Static IP, DHCP Client, SLAAC, Mac, MTU, MSS, Link Mode, and so on.


VLAN aware Bridge
untagged and tagged VLANs per Port
Settings for Treeprio, Maxhops, Aging, BPDUFilter, Pathcosts, Restricted Root Port


Modes: Loadbalance Round Robin, Active/Backup, Load Balance with XOR, LAG (802.3ad), Adaptive transmit load balancing, Adaptive Loadbalancing


Aliases, Firewalling, NAT
Filtering in Layer 2, Layer 3 or Layer 4
Extended Filter settings


Cron, DNS, DHCP (v4+v6), DHCP Relay, NTP, SNMP (v2/v3), DynDNS,


Limiter, Traffic Shaping


Static, BGP, OSPF, Multiple Routing Tables, Gateway Groups and Load Balancing


OpenVPN (Certificates, User, Shared Key)
IPSec IKEv1/IKEv2 (Certificates and PSK)


Certificate Management, Virtual IPs


Docker Apps, Individuelle Apps


APC UPS, Avahi, 802.1X Authenticator, CaptivePortal, HAProxy Reverse Proxy, IG- MPProxy, Ntopng, Suricata IDS/IPS, Squid Proxy and Webfilter



Hash: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, ecdsa-with-SHA1, usw.


Webconsole, iftop, ping, tcpdump, traceroute, backups, usw.


ARP & ND, ARPing, Auditlogs, BGP, Bridge, DHCP, Dynamic Routing, Gate- ways, Interfaces, IPSec, Logfiles, Remote Syslog, OpenVPN, OSPF, QoS, Routes, Services, SFP, SHDSL, States, STP


Extensive System Settings

User- and Groupmanagement

SSH Root access

REST API (Automation)

Further functionality


Datasheet VT AIR 100


User Manual VT AIR 100



Packages per Second

Test Speed
Maximum ~450.000 pps


iperf3 (Bidirectional)

Test Speed
Firewall 1.86 Gb/s
Firewall + IPS 244 Mb/s
IPSec VPN (AES-256 CBC, SHA256) 298 Mb/s
OpenVPN (AES-256 CBC, SHA256) 92 Mb/s


IMIX Traffic (Bidirectional)

Test Speed
Firewall 1.31 Gb/s
Firewall + IPS 304 Mb/s
IPSec VPN (AES-256 CBC, SHA256) 71 Mb/s
OpenVPN (AES-256 CBC, SHA256) 40 Mb/s

1. Throughput Data are based on bidirectional traffic

2. Iperf3 Traffic is TCP 1460 Bytes + TCP framing

3. IMIX Traffic is sets of UDP Traffic 7x 64 Byte packets, 4x 594 Byte packets, 1x 1514 Byte packets (Ethernet FCS not counted)

4. IPSec and OpenVPN Traffic is a single Connection/Tunnel on one CPU

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