pfSense Service


Whether you need a basic home network setup or a migration of complex existing networks – our team will successfully implement all necessary steps of the configuration of your pfSense network for you.

Our pfSense experts develop the most efficient and stable networks to support your UNIQUE needs. Using our innovative and solution based engineers we will evaluate, understand and implement a network infrastructure to serve all of your system and business requirements.

pfSense Support Per-Incident

Our knowledgeable and certified technicians are here for you from the beginning of the installation process and configuration of system to any and all ongoing needs that may arise. You will get efficient, flexible and personalized support using our transparent scheduling and billing process:


Regular office hours are as follows:
Monday – Friday (8:00 AM – 5:00PM)

Response guaranteed within 4 hours once service request submitted
Addition outside of regular office hours: 50%/hour
Accounting interval: Every incident applies to one support request
Maximal length per incident: 60 minutes
Validation: 12 months after date of purchase

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Built with a focus on effective and efficient performance, competitive license and hardware costs, pfSense hardware is perfect for small and large companies. Here at Voleatech you will find all extensions and additional components that are 100% compatible with your pfSense hardware.

pfSense Warranty Extension

Voleatech Warranty Extension for pfSense Hardware (to 3 Years)

The guarantee extension extends your gadget’s guarantee for more 2 years.


Terms of Warranty, Terms and Conditions:

  1. You can buy any guarantee extension/advanced replacement within 90 days after buying the hardware.
  2. It’s not possible to change from the guarantee extension to advanced replacement nor from advanced replacement to the exclusive guarantee extension.

Note: The warranty extension, advanced replacements and tickets are Voleatech’s service and can’t be used at pfSense America.

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pfSense Firewall

pfSense is an Enterprise Firewall which convinces due to its extraordinary functionality, excellent security and its web surface you can operate intuitively.
It is based on Open Source Software which is why the system and its functionalities are always comprehensible and there aren’t any hidden frauds.
Another big advantage is that you don’t have to pay any license fees and the software as well as all following updates are for free. This guarantees low resulting costs.
Additionally, it is very flexible and you can extend it with extra packages to match it with your individual wishes. In combination with the official hardware and Voleatech’s excellent support and warranty offer, pfSense is the perfect performant firewall for every company -from middle class to huge enterprises.

pfSense Select Partner – Voleatech

If you’re keeping up with the pfSense project, you will know that 2015 has been a busy year. This includes the launch of our official partner program which enables customers from around the world to purchase official pfSense hardware and services from a recognized and supported entity in their own geographic location…

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