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VT AIR Configuration

VT AIR Configuration from the Manufacturer

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 499,00 ( 578,84 incl. VAT)

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Delivery Time: approx. 3 - 5 Business Days
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VT AIR Configuration

Do you need assistance with your VT AIR configuration or do you plan a migration to VT AIR?

Voleatech offers you configuration packages for a fixed price or individual for your specific requirements.

Each VT AIR configuration package is valid for 1x VT AIR-Hardware or 1x HA VT AIR-Hardware.

Our team of VT AIR certified Engineers will take care of your VT AIR migration and VT AIR configuration for you.


Package Configuration S Configuration M Configuration L Configuration XL
1. VT AIR units  1  1 1 or 1x HA  individual
2. Networks up to 3
up to 4
up to 5
3. VLANs, Bridges, LAGGs up to number of networks up to number of networks   up to number of networks  individual
4. Internet connections 1 1 2  individual
5. Gatewaygroups  individual
6. Virtual IPs, Public IPs, DynDNS  1x WAN Public IP  1x WAN Public IP
1x DynDNS
7. Firewall rules  up to 10 up to 25 up to 75  individual
8. DNS, DHCP individual
9. NAT only Outbound NAT   individual
10. QoS (Shaping, Limiter) ✖   individual
11. Routing (static or dynamic (OSPF, BGP)) ✖   individual
12. VPN (OpenVPN, IPSec) OpenVPN
1x User certificate
1x User certificate
1x IPSec tunnel
1x User certificate
3x IPSec tunnel
13. High Availability  individual
14. Extra packages (Snort, Squid, HAProxy,…) 1 1  individual
Free error corrections and optimization within two weeks after finishing the configuration 


All work will be be done remotely.

The client commits to provide all infrastructure conditions that are necessary to realize all remote work.


1) In written form (per E-Mail)

2) Free of charge until 7 business days before the scheduled configuration

3) Cancellation beginning 6 business days before the scheduled configuration have 50% fee of the end price

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